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To measure = To KNOW !

 We measure, analyse and discuss your level of stress and propose you an individual and efficient approach to deal with it.
Of course you are aware of the fact that stress leads to exaggeration
and getting older doesn’t necessarily make us more resistance to stressors: migraine, back issues like discus hernia, depression,
, … are often common results.

Do you wish to approach stress in a positive way?
Then have your stress level measured ! Contact either Marie-Claire De Frenne
or Wim Verschelden, both accredited Naturopathic Counsellors,
who will analyse your unique situation and treat you physically,
emotionally and energetically.

We focus on YOUR issues, analyse and discuss the results and propose
to you a treatment plan.
Of course we check your eating and living habits in the process:
what use does the best treatment have,
when one keeps tormenting his/her body with the wrong nutrients?

We are accredited members of the "Vereniging voor Gezondheidsbegeleiders"
(you canvisit their site: www.gezondheidsbegeleiders.be),
the professional Naturopath organisation in Belgium,
ensuring a very good Price / Quality Service.